5 Useful Tips When Travelling to Vietnam

When Vietnam was mentioned some years ago, the war was what we imagined. This made the country unfriendly for tourist. However, things have changed in Vietnam. It has become a peaceful country that you will love once you land there.

However, when traveling to Vietnam, there are several things to do to make your stay there comfortable, peaceful and memorable. Below are 5 useful tips when traveling to Vietnam;

Beware of bag snatchers and Pickpockets.

In Vietnam, there are so many wrongdoers in public places, including parks, bus stops, streets, markets, etc. Among them are the bag snatchers and pickpockets. When they see you carelessly handling your belongings, they will directly know that you are a tourist and make you a target. To avoid falling into their hands, it is best to walk around with only what you need. Moreover, avoid walking on neglected streets.

Be friendly.

When visiting Vietnam, you should be very friendly to the people you meet. Avoid any unnecessary confrontations with the locals. Always show them some attention and love for their culture and this way, you will have nothing to worry about. The locals here are known to love tourists, so take advantage of that.

Learn some Vietnamese.

It is always a good sign showing the locals that you love their language. At least purpose to learn some terms before making your trip to Vietnam such as greetings. When you land in Vietnam, use the terms and also ask them to teach you some of the Vietnamese; you will love the pronunciation of the locals.

Currency change.

Local vendors in Vietnam are not allowed to handle foreign currency. You might, therefore, get stranded if you forget to convert your currency. The best place to withdraw your cash is at Citi Bank. Moreover, the best place to convert your currency and get better rates is at jewelry shops.

Use coaches for local travel.

You will find coaches and city buses in Vietnam when looking to travel. Coaches are the more comfortable of the two. This is because they offer some extra facilities to make your travel more luxurious such as free Wi-Fi and Beds. You can obtain tickets at travel agents and almost all hotels.

With the above tips, be sure that your stay in Vietnam will be fun and memorable.

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